Thursday, May 15, 2008

Brewster Street Icehouse, Rep. Solomon P. Ortiz, Jr, Barbara Canales, mother of 9 yr old brain tumor survivor, Jackie Black & LIVESTRONG,.........

Good Music, Good Food and Good People In Corpus Christi

May 14th, 2008 by Teresa Castro (LAF Staff)

It was a great evening in Corpus Christi! Our wonderful Army leaders Robert and Rebecca organized a fantastic event at Brewster Street Icehouse. The response from the community was overwhelming as over 200 people arrived to take part in LIVESTRONG Day. The night was full of good music, good food and good people.

Three media outlets covered the event including one live feed and a Spanish interview for Univision.

Robert and Rebecca secured a great sponsor in ClearChannel Communications who ran ads in 6 of their radio stations. The In kind donation from Clear Channel Communication was valued at over $10,000. They

also helped secure Nashville singer, Jimmy Wayne, who came to Corpus on his own dime to support the cause. One of the couples in the audience had a special connection to him, as they danced to one of Jimmy’s songs at their wedding. They now have a 2 year old son who was battling brain cancer, but is now in full remission.

Guest speakers included Rep. Solomon P. Ortiz, Jr. who proclaimed May 13th LIVESTRONG day in Texas and Barbara Canales, mother of 9 year old brain tumor survivor, Jackie Black.

The best part of the night for us was getting to meet other members of the Corpus Christi Army. We met Amanda and Debbie who attended the event in honor of their friend and daughter Amy. Eventhough Amy lost her battle with cancer both are determined to take up the cause she wanted to fight. We also met Crystal and her husband Sean, a cancer survivor and avid Lance Armstrong fan (from what Crystal tells us, they have LIVESTRONG decorations all over their house!) Andrea was another Army member who helped with the event. She is a LIVESTRONG supporter and Relay for Life Co-chair. These guys made us feel extremely welcome and inspired us with their great attitudes and desire to help the LAF in any way they can.

The debut of the Corpus Christi Army garnered an amazing response from the city as plans and support for LIVESTRONG Day 2009 are already underway.





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  1. Amanda Murtaugh

    Hey guys!
    I’m so glad Debbie and I got to meet with you guys as well. Hope you enjoyed yourself at the event and come back ANYTIME and again, let us know what we can do to help LAF!

  2. Amber Wadey

    Sounds like such a fun event - I wish I could’ve been there with you!!!

  3. Andrea Dupper

    It was so great to hang out with you guys for the day! We’re ready, with the help of our leaders to take Corpus Christi to the next LIVESTRONG level. Having you both there was incredible. Looking forward to seeing you at the summit!

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